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The Most Amiable Client I Ever Met

It’s the autumn of 2012 when I met with JC, who will be the main person I’d like to talk about here. Living in Australia, JC is well-educated and have good business and harmony family.

Our story will be dated from the first RFQ from W, who is another supplier of JC in China. Through RFQ from W, I got in touch with W and leaned the demands of JC. W is the important bridge between JC and I. For this part, I thank W for introducing this good client to me.

JC was searching for new products: dot-mounting crystal glass mosaics for three years but failed, until met with us. Last year, dot-mounting ceramic mosaics are very normal but dot glass tiles have not come out. We are the first company to develop this products and JC is our first client, as well as the main person to let us try this new products.

We totally tried 5 times of samples from the beginning to the final confirmed samples. 3 times to adjust size and thickness of glass mosaics and 2 times to adjust the dot joints. The total experiments last more than 2 months, as our production line is keeping paving tiles, and we asked our production manager to jump the queue to try the new samples. He knew a lot about the technology and we cannot successfully develop it without him. In the first beginning, we were not sure whether we can do it or not, but we kept an idea that: try our best to do it, and keep solve the obstacles. Finally, we get it! When I sent our newly products to JC, he likes them very much and arranged a visit to our factory very soon. I accompany JC and SC when they stayed in China and nice communications and nice dinner time. Above all, the toughest time is experimental period, after that, everything goes smoothly.

I remembered that JC asked me a question for many times: where did you learn English? I said, Sun Yat-sen university, it’s my college. I thought my English is not good enough, but we had very smooth talking with JC, that’s why he encouraged me on this point, which is the biggest encouragement to me.

JC invited me to join his skiing trip to USA in spring of 2014, however I have to stay home with my mom. So our appointment will be 2015. I have to get more orders to support my trip to USA. Really really look forward to it.

Let’s use the photos with John and Simon to end this story and start new fighting for orders.

Ms. Ronglan Hu

Ms. Ronglan Hu
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