Why porcelain product


The word “porcelain” was derived from the Italian word “porcellana” which is the name of a mussel resembling porcelain material and has been used in other languages in the same way.
Porcelain is the supreme member of the ceramic family in terms of resistance and image features. The most distinctive reason for the porcelain to be superior is the quality of its components and to be able to bake it in high temperature. Visual quality is another feature of the porcelain along with its substantiality and long-lasting usage. Apart from these features, the most important reason for the porcelain to be used in swimming pools is that its water absorption capacity is about 0.03%. Absorbed water expands in cold weather and affects the material in a negative way. But porcelain which absorbs very little water is not affected from this physical result like ceramic. Because the water absorption of ceramic is 3%. That’s why ceramic breaks out during a freezing incident because of the high water content in it. 

Other features of porcelain:

1.The colour of the soffit (masse) is white which shows its quality and substantiality when compared to ceramic.
2.The surface is glazed, flawless and without pore and has a decorative appearance. The surface is dull and with pore in ceramic.
3.The structure of porcelain is hard and impact-resistant.
4.It is surface is more resistant against acid and alkaline than ceramic.
5.It is hygienic and does not hold any germs or dirt; it is stainless as its surface is glazed.
6.It is not affected by the temperature change.

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